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Our Best Foot Forward "BFF" art contest allows young artists to combine their art creativity with activism and social change. Do you have what it takes to be the BFF winner this year? Show AIR Project what you got!!!


To participate:

  • Must be a student in grades 5th-10th 

  • Must be a Houston/Greater Houston area student scholar (student scholar can attend any type of school-traditional, private, charter, virtual, homeschool)

  • Complete the AIR Project approved BFF entry form

  • Complete and submit shoe design using the official AIR Project Best Foot Forward shoe template by the deadline: October 18, 2023

  • Participants must use AIR Project's official BFF provided template for their design (submitted work should maintain the template's format)

  • One entry per person

  • If notified as a finalist, student scholar must be able to attend our annual Soles for AIR event, Oct 28, 2023 to be recognized and receive their prize. 

Submissions can be mailed to:

AIR Project, Attn: Mrs. Pleasant

Po Box 450755 

Houston TX 77245

*when mailing in submissions make sure it's postmarked October 15th to ensure arrival in time for 1st round voting. 


Download the following forms:

Online submission:

BFF Art 2022
Winners, Finalists and Entries

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