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Soles for AIR Archives

Soles for A.I.R. is our annual community awareness event to educate communities of color about Domestic Violence Awareness and Bullying Prevention Awareness in October. Every year in recognition of these often-overlooked difficult issues, we have provided a new pair of shoes to underserved youth primarily in communities of color. Through AIR Project's imprint we have provided new pairs of shoes to over 5,000 youth and families. This is a significant and inspiring family community event you don't want to miss! Your support and impact are greatly appreciated. Let's Break the Silence, Abuse Is Real! Click here for this year's event.


Soles for AIR  2021

Soles for AIR  2020


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Soles for AIR  2019

Soles for AIR  2018

Soles for AIR  2017

Soles for AIR  2016

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