Summer Kits for Resilient Youth

With the constant changings evolving around the pandemic, youth are faced with heightened levels of stress which are even higher for at-risk and underserved youth. One of the number one side affects of intense stress levels is one's health particularly one's mental health. When one's mental health is effected the rest of your body is effected, thus potentially negatively impacting one's overall well being. Knowing this information, A.I.R. Project wanted to provide some positive relief to youth who have weathered these storms and challenges through out this pandemic. Therefore, with funding provided through United Way of Greater Houston's Barrier Buster Grant, we able to put together interactive and engaging summer kits for 25 youth at Reynold's Elementary, (Houston TX) to enjoy. Thank you United Way of Greater Houston Barrier Buster, Reynold's Elementary, and our Junior Advisory Committee members, Anayah and KanylahSam.