Sending Love Across the Way

Bullying has become an increasing issue in our childrens' every day lives. Several youth miss school just to avoid getting bullied in school. In today's society, we also have teachers that will instigate and participate in the horrific behavior or will turn and look the other way. Far too many youth are being ignored and see no other way out but to take their last breath and leave this place called Earth. While this is very sad, it's very unfortunate that this is the reality of many youth today. A.I.R. Project is finding ways to put a stop to this growing epidemic by sending youth some Love Across the Way.

A.I.R. Project moved right into action when we learned about a precious youth in Chicago Illinois, name Jamari Dent. He was bullied repeatedly by students and teachers. His mother reached out for help on various levels and still no one helped her. Jamari was tired of getting bullied and harassed, who wouldn't be? Without going in too much detail, he was discovered faint-less and upon arrival at an area medical center he began receiving medical attention. A.I.R. Project had shared his story with our youth participants and we all began creating positive messages, notes, and letters to send to him to help encourage his spirit, his healing, and his family. Thankful to the Powers of the Universe, Jamari continues to make great stride and is making recovery. We are so grateful for his continual progress and hope to continue to follow his journey once he is released from the hospital. Anyone who would like to help with his medical expenses, please make a contribution on his gofundme page at:

If you know of any child who would benefit from us Sending Love Across the Way, (regardless of location) please email ( us their name, age, mailing address, and school district (if possible), with Love Across the Way or A.I.R. Pal/Buddies in the subject line, so we can inspire other youth that we are here and that they are special and important!

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