To empower people of color, primarily youth to defeat abuse and violence through education, expressive arts, and quality of life experiences.


To see empowered communities of color free from abuse and violence.

Meet the Team

Mr. Pleasant

Mr. Pleasant has worked with underprivileged and under-served youth for over 25 years. Some of his experiences began as a Big Brother in the P.A.L.S. program in which he helped enlightened and mentored youth to have self respect, self-confidence, and self-love. He steered them in positive directions, encouraged and motivated youth to excel in education and remain upstanding scholars in both the schools and in the communities. He has over 15 years combined working as an Educator, Special Education Department Chair, Physical Education Director, and working with at risk and behavioral students from various walks of life. Mr. Pleasant successfully completed his undergraduate and graduate studies and holds degrees in the areas of Administration of Criminal Justice, Public Affairs, Music and Master’s in Education. He has over 35 years working in the area of fine arts as a singer, songwriter, performer, playwright, poet, author, and actor, where he has been privileged to work with several local artists as well as with various well-known celebrity artists. Mr. Pleasant continues to be an advocate for youth, especially youth who are left behind and are considered the underdogs, which in most cases are the African American youth. Mr. Pleasant has completed training in Restorative Discipline and Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI), Texas Behavior Support Initiative (TBSI), and Satori Alternatives to Managing Aggression (S.A.M.A.).

Mrs. Pleasant

Mrs. Karisma Pleasant  has exuded the compassion of helping at risk youth since the years when she was a youth herself. Overcoming her traumatic experiences as a victim of childhood sexual abuse, family and domestic violence, and bullying, she continued throughout her adolescents and into the present day assisting and caring for others who are victims in an effort to aid them in becoming victorious. Mrs. Pleasant’s educational endeavors include degrees in Public Policy and African and African American Ethnic Studies as well as a Master’s in Business Administration. Mrs. Pleasant has over 30 years of direct experience working in creative and expressive arts, which includes, acting, producing, singing, dancing, and writing. She has been able to be a part of several musical bodies of work with some notable artists. She is certified in Mental Health First Aid, which enables her to identify those who may be experiencing mental health breakdowns and can safely provide support and guidance until professional help becomes available.


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Arts Connect Houston

Communities in Schools (CIS) Fortbend ISD