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Junior Advisory Committee

Welcome to our Junior Advisory Committee's Page. Our Junior Advisory Committee is a team of youth and adult volunteers who work together to expand  A.I.R. Project's mission and vision through youth and adult collaborations. 

Our Junior Advisory Committee's Mission is  to foster growth through creativity, leadership, relationship building, and community for a brighter tomorrow. 

Our Junior Advisory Committee's Mission is to create a  community where youth have a sense of belonging, a voice, and feel empowered.

Meet our Committee

Social Media/Marketing Committee Members

Elizabeth Thomas, Houston TX,  High School Junior (Chairperson)

Something about myself: I hope to have a profession that allows me to make a difference in the world and within the lives of others. 

What do I like about JAC? I like being a part of the JAC because it allows me to have a huge platform on which I can share information with others and hopefully help them out!

Jasmine W., California, High School Sophomore (Social Media Committee Editor)

Something about me: I like to travel, play the piano, bake, and listen to music in my spare time. 

What do I like about JAC? JAC has given me the chance to learn how to work and communicate with others. I’ve also been able to improve my graphic design skills and realize how much I’ve come to like it.

Sunny P., California, High School Sophomore  (Social Media Committee Coordinator)

Something about me: I really enjoy drawing and journaling because they help me relax and express my creativity! I also would like to major in business in the future.

What do I like about JAC? I enjoy being part of JAC because I am able to use my creativity for a good cause and spread awareness about important issues. Being part of the AIR community is overall a very enjoyable experience, and it also made me a more organised and responsible person!


Stella Manua, Washington, College Sophomore (Social Media Committee Member)

Something about myself : I love hiking, baking and spending time with my loved ones. 
What do I like about JAC? What I like about being a part of JAC is that I get the opportunity to work with a highly motivated group of people towards a common goal. I also like being a part of JAC,  acknowledging that I am helping youth and young adults to defeat abuse through my work in this organization.

Brendan Lee, Dublin, CA, High School Junior (Social Media Committee Secretary)

Something about myself: I love playing and watching basketball and I love to play the marimba and saxophone. 

What do you like about JAC: What I love about being apart of JAC is our message that we are trying to spread across to everyone and what our goal is as an organization. I love how everyone puts in their full effort and is able to contribute to the organization in their own ways.

Creative Project & Programming Committee Members

Tejasri P., New Jersey, High School Sophomore (Committee Member)

Something about me: I enjoy learning new things, travelling to new places, and listening to music. I aspire to be someone who helps to make the world a better place in any way.

What do I like about JAC? I like being a part of JAC because it allows me to make a difference in my community and to bring happiness to others. The JAC allows me to communicate with others and try to solve a problem in a creative way.


Trish L., California, High School Junior (Committee Member) 

Something about me: I enjoy reading, getting to know other people, and experiencing new things!  

What do you like about JAC? Being apart of JAC has offered me a chance to give back to my community beyond conventional methods. I’ve been able to come up with plans to provide for seniors hundreds of miles away, approach problems from a new light, and communicate with creative individuals across the country, all of which opened my mind a little more. 

Isabel, my pronouns are She/Her, Texas, Graduate Student (Committee Member)

Something about me: I love talking with people about their interests and their passions. I also love nature, the ocean and my dog.

What do I like about JAC? I chose to be a part of JAC because I firmly believe in their vision and mission statement. Providing a safe and creative environment for all is so important and I am excited to be a part of such a wonderful organization.

​Alexander Z., California, High School Junior (Committee Member)

Something about myself:​ I mostly enjoy reading, practicing piano, programming, and origami.

What do I like about JAC?​ I love how I am able to meet and work with other people who share the same enthusiasm and drive to help people through creative solutions.

Fundraising and Grant Committee Members

Elizabeth P., Virginia, High School Junior (Chairperson)

Something about myself: I enjoy going to the beach and volunteering, and I aspire to be a trauma surgeon when I’m older.

What do I like about JAC? My favorite part of being in J.A.C. is the collaboration. We all work together to accomplish our goals and help each other out. This really shows how special it is to work in a team!

Our Projects

We are currently working on the following community projects:

Food for Love- Locating local grocers and farmer's markets to help supply food to those who are not able to access the resources available for food. 

Bags of Love- Providing activity and care item bags to senior citizens in rehab centers and persons in assisted living facilities.

We have the following  classes/activities:

Origami with Alex

Bullet Journaling with Rhea

Game Day with A.I.R Project

Join our committee

We are always looking for bright, enthusiastic youth and adults who would love to be apart of our Junior Advisory Committee to share their gifts, talents, and passion. Please check below for current opportunities. 

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