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The list of needs a volunteer can fill is endless and the special talents of volunteers cannot be purchased. Every community has available talent and resources that will benefit AIR Project and, in turn, the families we serve. People will be more supportive of non profit organizations when asked to share some of their time as volunteers. A volunteer can be many things: a role model for students, an extra pair of hands to help directors or staff, and a liaison between the organization and community.

Volunteering With AIR Project is easy as 1-2-3!
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Sign Up
with us and get approved
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Show Up
at your selected AIR Project Event
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with AIR Project and that's it!
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Who Can Be an AIR Volunteer?

Working parents, stay-at-home parents, young adults, grandparents, students, neighbors, friends–basically anyone can be an invaluable volunteer. The volunteer does not have to be a college graduate and can be young, old, or middle-aged, work outside the home or within the home, or even be retired.

What Skills Are Required?

While there is always a need for those with expertise in a given area such as communications, marketing, advertising, social media, fundraising, grant writing, counseling, therapy, event space, project management, legislation, legal field etc., any volunteer with a desire to learn new skills who is willing to actively participate and follow through is welcome to sign up and register as a volunteer with AIR Project.

Take Action, It’s Time to Get Involved

Whatever your reasons for wanting to volunteer, we welcome all volunteers at AIR Project and encourage any volunteer member to apply for our AIR Team leadership positions, Project Management positions, or apply to be a Lead Organizers for events as they become available. There is a wide range of positions available within the non profit sector with a variety of options for your skill sets and time availability. AIR Projects wants you to be a part of our volunteer team.

Why Do People Volunteer?

Most people will volunteer because they have specifically been asked. And, of course, many will volunteer to help others and enjoy the fun and socialization that comes along with volunteering. Why do you volunteer?

We've found that many people volunteer with AIR Project to:

  • Feel a sense of belonging

  • Learn something new

  • Explore a career

  • Get to know a community

  • Help someone

  • Gain a skill

  • Test themselves

  • Become an “insider”

  • Test their leadership skills

  • Have a sense of purpose

  • Keep busy

  • Feel good

  • Have an impact

  • Be part of a team

  • Make new friends

  • Share a skill/talent

  • Gain status

  • Demonstrate commitment to a cause

  • Do one’s duty

  • Lead new projects for organizations

  • To offer kindness

  • Have an excuse to do something they love

  • See that resources are well allocated

  • Help an organization succeed

  • Because there is no one else to do it

  • Have an alternative to giving money

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